FAQ Page for Slow Fashion Ecommerce Website


    • What is slow fashion? Explain your brand's philosophy and commitment to sustainable practices.
    • What materials do you use? List your materials and highlight any eco-friendly choices like organic cotton, recycled fibers, or low-impact dyes.
    • Where are your products made? Transparency is key. Mention your production locations and ethical sourcing policies.
    • What are your packaging practices? Explain how you minimize packaging waste and use recycled materials.
    • How do you care for your garments? Provide washing and care instructions to extend product life.
    • Do you offer repairs or alterations? Let customers know if you offer mending services or size adjustments.
    • What is your return/exchange policy? Make it clear and customer-friendly.

Sizing and Fit:

    • Do your garments run true to size? Offer a size chart and any fit notes (e.g., loose fit, fitted silhouette).
    • How can I find the right size for me? Provide tips on measuring or offer a virtual try-on experience (if available).
    • What if an item doesn't fit? Clearly explain your return/exchange process for sizing issues.

Ordering and Shipping:

    • Do you ship internationally? List your shipping rates and regions.
    • What are your estimated delivery times? Be transparent about shipping timeframes.
    • How can I track my order? Provide instructions and a tracking link if available.
    • What payment methods do you accept? List available payment options for secure transactions.

Environmental Impact:

    • How do you minimize your carbon footprint? Highlight steps you take to reduce emissions and environmental impact.
    • What are you doing to address ethical labor practices? Assure buyers about fair treatment of workers.
    • Where can I learn more about your sustainability efforts? Link to relevant blog posts or sustainability page.

Additional Considerations:

    • Offer styling tips or outfit inspiration. Showcase your products in action and help customers build sustainable wardrobes.
    • Highlight ethical manufacturing certifications or awards. Build trust and transparency with sustainable practices.
    • Consider adding a glossary of terms. Explain key sustainability terms like "upcycled" or "biodegradable" for new customers.
  • Make your FAQ page easily accessible. Link it prominently on your website and product pages.